land & natural resource rights

Land and Natural Resource Rights

Kenah Consulting has experience in establishing tribes’ historic and cultural connections to lands and natural resources. This has included work on puttng land into trust,  including establishing geographical connections and addressing jurisdiction issues, and resolving disputes over natural resource rights between Indian tribes and states or the federal government.


Kenah Consulting works with tribes and their legal teams to complete Land-into-Trust applications. We use an interdisciplinary approach to research, analyze and complete reports that support tribes’ geographic connections to the land, and jurisdictional relationships with the federal government.

  • Ethnographic, Oral Historic, Archaeological, and Archival Research and Analysis
  • Preparation of Fully Documented Geographic and Jurisdiction Reports


Kenah Consulting has worked with tribes to conduct research and analyze data to aid clients in preserving or re-establishing their natural resource rights when these are challenged by states and/or the federal government.  We work closely with legal counsel and expert consultants to ensure that tribal resource use is fully considered as evidence in natural resource claims.

  • Ethnographic Research and Analysis (including oral histories, archival, and archaeological research and analysis)
  • Data Management
  • Preparation of Fully Documented Reports
  • Expert Testimony