federal acknowledgment


There are over 573 tribes recognized by the federal government.  Yet other tribes, whose treaties predated the US government or who were otherwise overlooked, continue to exist.  Kenah Consulting aids tribes with promising federal acknowledgment cases in gathering and analyzing evidence in order to demonstrate their eligibility.

In order to gain federal acknowledgment, tribes must go through the judicial, legislative, or the executive branch.  Kenah Consulting can help organize historical data for each of these approaches, however, our expertise is centered on the preparation of Petitions for Federal Acknowledgment through the executive branch, or the 25 CFR Part 83 process, that is administered through the Department of Interior’s Office of Federal Acknowledgment (OFA).

Kenah Consulting offers:

  • Grant-writing to fund Petition Preparation
  • Technical Assistance on Petition Preparation
  • Development of Petition Research Design
  • Archival Research and Analysis
  • Petition Data Management
  • Tribal Training in Petition Preparation
  • Preparation of Fully Documented Petition for Federal Acknowledgment
  • Response to the OFA’s Technical Assistance
  • Response to Public Comments